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Safety Management System Policy

The health and safety of our employees and the protection of the environment is a core value in Big Guns daily business activities. With everyone's particpation in this program, we can reduce the risk to our people, property, environment, as well as the public since losses are preventable. All of our daily operations will be carried out with the following philosophies in mind:

  • Employees at all levels and contractors are responsible and accountable for maintaining a safe working environment.
  • Proper work instructions, equipment and training programs will be provided to ensure that work is performed in accordance with internal standards and government regulations.
  • Active maintenance and investigation programs will be implemented and followed. All of our safety management systems will be monitored and periodically measured to ensure they are functioning at acceptable levels. An ongoing action plan will assist us in our long term continuous improvement planning.

With everyone's support and contributions, I believe we may achieve our goals of excellence in health, safety and environmental performance.

Gary Eirich

Gary Eirich
1788966 Alberta Ltd. o/a Big Guns Wireline Services
May, 2014

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