Big Guns Wireline Services offers a complete line of cased hole electric line services and equipment to perform completion, workover and closure operations. Our staff has many years of experience and has the expertise to maximize your results regardless of the scope of work or the complexity of the job at hand.

Big Guns Wireline Services provides service and equipment to the Western Canadian Sedimentary Basin.


  • 2 Conventional Logging and Perforating Units
  • 3 Derrick Units
  • 5/16" and 3/8" Standard Service Wireline
  • High Pressure Services
  • 3K (21 Mpa) Standard Service Pressure Control
  • Mast Units / Slant Hole Capable
  • 3K (21 Mpa) Grease Injection Units
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Logging Services

  • Cement Radial Bond (RBL)
  • Compensated Neutron
  • Gamma Ray - CCL - Neutron
  • Gamma Ray - Temperature
  • Noise - Temperature & Analysis
  • Production / Injection Profile Logging
  • SCVF Logging
  • Slim hole 43mm CNL
  • Production Logging and Analysis
  • Casing Inspection Services
  • Camera Services
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Perforating / Mechanical Services

  • Tubing Conveyed Perforating
  • Coal Bed Methane Multi Zone
  • Slant Hole Operations
  • Extreme Overbalanced TCP Perforating
  • Thru-Tubing Perforating
  • Mechanical Services (Plugs, Packers, Dump Bailing)
  • Well Closure Services
  • Select Fire Perforating Switches c/w Titan Control Fire Safety System
  • Pipe Recovery / Free Point / Back-Off
  • WR Retrieval
  • Swabbing Services
  • Unconventional Perforating
Pump Down Plug & Perforate
Coil Conveyed Plug & Perforating
Multiple Zone Perforating
Plug & Multi Zone Perforating
E-Coil Logging and Perforating
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E-Coil Services

  • Radial Cement Bond
  • Compensated Neutron Log
  • Multiple zone perforating with Titan Control Fire system
  • Plug / Perforate in a single run
  • Scrapper / Magnet
  • Ability to circulate
  • Patented E-Coil adaptor for use on all coil units
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